SCOR Investment Partners ILS Platform

A leading ILS asset manager

SCOR Investment Partners is a recognized ILS specialist that draws on its long-lasting experience on the ILS market, which reaches back to 1999. The platform’s deep knowledge of the asset class helped successfully weather eventful years such as 2017, 2018 and 2019.

SCOR Investment Partners has developed an investment approach for its ILS investment platform that is built around three cornerstones:

  • delivering recurrent performance by limiting downside risk and maximizing diversification
  • considering risk through both quantitative modelling and qualitative assessment
  • focusing mainly on property cat

A comprehensive ILS offering

  1. a range of several risk-return and liquidity profiles
  2. solutions adapted to institutional client needs: collective funds, tailor-made dedicated funds and segregated mandates
  3. funds domiciled in either Jersey or Luxembourg